5 reasons to try UNiTE

5 Reasons to try UNiTE High Protein Bars

Let's face it.

Most days, three square meals just don’t cut it, and a snack (or two) is often necessary to power through and make it to your next plate of food.

The struggle, however, is finding one that’s convenient, nutritious and, of course, still tastes great. Enter the almighty protein bar. Although small in size, it can offer big benefits and enjoyment as a snack.

Here are 5 reasons why UNiTE protein bars are different from all the rest, and why you should give them a try.

They’re Anything but Boring - First Globally Inspired Protein Bar

There’s no reason your daily snack has to be a daily bore. Sure, strawberry and vanilla are tasty, but why not treat your taste buds to something a little more exciting? UNiTE protein bars are the first to offer globally inspired flavors like nostalgic PB & Jelly and crave-worthy Churro

They’ll Satisfy Your Hunger

UNiTE protein bars are packed with fiber and protein, which work together to keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer. This is why we reach for something to munch on in the first place, right?

They’ll Boost Your Energy

It’s only natural to feel a slight drag by the time the afternoon rolls around. UNiTE protein bars are loaded with protein, slow-burning carbs, essential vitamins and minerals and just a touch of sugar to provide an instant pick-me-up.

They’re a Guilt-Free Treat, With Less Than 200 calories and 10g of sugar.

With delicious flavors like Mexican Hot Chocolate, it may seem impossible that UNiTE protein bars can actually be nutritious, too. Believe it! Each bar contains a whopping 10 grams of protein, 5-6 grams of fiber and no more than 10 grams of sugar – all for under 200 calories

They’re Loaded With Nutritious Ingredients (hemp seeds, chicory fiber)

UNiTE protein bars have joined the revolution of using wholesome, nutritious plant-based ingredients. You’ll find superstars like nut butters, egg whites, almonds, cashews, hemp seeds and more.


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